Test facility

Test fields

Experimental tests on vineyard Corvina - Rondinella - Molinara bred bower Veronese area of Valpolicella DOC ...

Experimental tests on peach west of Verona, the typical production area of fisheries Verona

Experimental evidence on GLP residues in growing raspberries in Trentino, in an area of production of small fruits of the most important in Italy

Experimental tests on strawberry tunnels in the typical production area south of Verona

Experimental tests on nematodes in melon tunnels ...

Conduct experiments in growing tobacco in order to verify the effectiveness of some insecticides against aphids

Experimental proof of weed control on soybean

Conduct experiments in the cultivation of marrow tunnels

Tests of insecticides in rice fields the province of Verona is making the cultivation of rice using modern agricultural techniques. Famous is the great 'Fair Rice' Isola della Scala, who in October welcomes visitors from all over Italy and abroad)

Experimental tests on lettuce in greenhouses heated

In olive groves, both in the area of Lake Garda is in Central Italy (Abruzzo), agree to carry out tests of efficacy and residue oil

Experimental tests on corn rootworm special equipment used for the treatment above the vegetation


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    Brown marmored stink bug and biological insecticides


    Recentlly published experimental work og AGREA in the control of BMSB with organic insecticides

  • New studies on the mitigation, drift, runoff


    New GLP certificate extension!!! New studies on mitigation, runoff...

    Brown marmored stink bug: AGREA research projects


    AGREA research projects on BMSB (Halyomorpha halys)

  • New GEP Decree for the G.E.P. AGREA (2016-2018)


    The MIPAAF Audit has gone! The GEP decree has arrived!