Test facility

Semi-field test

Experimental greenhouses AGREA: they are conducted in the studies on vectors of phytoplasmas (Flavescenza Golden and black wood of the vine, ESFY on fish) and several semi-field tests on plants in pots, in addition to breeding of insects for the purpose of placing artificial in various tests

Box rearing of insects for experimental purposes, used for testing the transmission of phytoplasmas and studies of efficacy in the greenhouse, where it is often helpful to inject artificial parasite target previously raised

Vine plants in pots with sleeves network for the introduction of artificial buzzer Scaphoideus titanus

Experimental test of semi-field side-effect of plant protection products on beneficial insects


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  • Brown marmored stink bug and biological insecticides


    Recentlly published experimental work og AGREA in the control of BMSB with organic insecticides

    New studies on the mitigation, drift, runoff


    New GLP certificate extension!!! New studies on mitigation, runoff...

  • Brown marmored stink bug: AGREA research projects


    AGREA research projects on BMSB (Halyomorpha halys)

    New GEP Decree for the G.E.P. AGREA (2016-2018)


    The MIPAAF Audit has gone! The GEP decree has arrived!