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Agrea Centro Studi, Owner of the personal infomation processing through the use of cookies and similar technologies from the site, releasing the following information as in the art.13 e 122 of D.lgs. 30 June 2003 n.196 (hereinafter referred as “Privacy Code”) and the Provv. Gar. 8 may 2014.
Some of the cookies used by the site require the consent. This text provides guidance to enable / disable cookies while browsing .
What are Cookies
Cookies are small text files stored on the user terminals from server of the website they are visiting . They contain information related to navigation of the user that can be read by the server who sent them in subsequent browsing sessions . "Third parties" Cookies are certain types of cookies , managed by a site different from that on which the user is navigating but connected to it, for the management of particular types of content . It is usually of images , sounds , links or other items that reside outside the site visited .  
What are cookies 
Cookies are use for various purposes , among which are : ease the execution of processes related to web browsing, with the aim of automate some of the tasks that would otherwise be repeated every time you browse to a site ; store information about configurations of the user's terminal ; store browsing preferences ; monitor technical elements related to browsing session .
What cookies we use 
our Site uses cookies , indicated below:  
First-party cookies 
PHPSESSIDtechnicalSession cookies , records viewing preferences of the user ( eg language ) .Until the browser is open
cookiebartechnicalPersistent cookie used to manage user preferences regarding the use of cookiesnever
Third Party Cookies
_utma2 yearsUsed to distinguish users and sessions through numeric codesThese are components the service Google Analytics . 
For more information Policy on service , click here:
To know the technical details related to the web components listed, click here :
to disable Google Analytics Click here:
_utmcUntil browser is closedUsed to recognize the user's browsing session.
_utmz  6 monthsUsed to store information about how the user reached the site
_ga2 yearsUsed to distinguish users.
_gat10 minutesUsed to manage Tracking information during the navigation
_gali30 secondsPage statistics
Harvest method of consent
The user consensus is collected during his first access through a banner that indicates some mandatory information about cookies usage . Continuing browsing the user accepts the default settings. In order to avoid hitting the banner at every access, the site uses the Technical cookie cookiebar , which recalls the preferences expressed by the user.
If you do not wish to express your consensus you can follow the procedures contained below.
How to install or remove cookies from yourterminal
You can decide which cookies to accept through the browser settings that you use to navigate . the default settings of most browsers provide the acceptance of cookies , but you can change these settings acting on the browser itself. there are also software of various kinds that can act on the cookies , as web services or browser add-ons 
The browser guide used to navigate contains all the information for enable or block cookies, Below we add a list of quick links:
Internet Explorer:
Mozilla Firefox:
Google Chrome:
Apple Safari:
Effects of disabling cookies
If you choose to disable cookies you should take into account their characteristics, to avoid incurring modifications of the site functionality. In particular, the deactivation of technical cookies could prevent the use of some features of the website 
More information about cookies
Garante Privacy:;;
Rights of user
The user can contact the "Data Controller", Agrea Centro Studi via Giuseppe Garibaldi 5 int 16 San Giovanni Lupatoto 37057 Verona Tel. 045 548412 Fax. 045 548412 E-mail for exercise the rights provided by the art. 7 of "Codice Privacy" and for request an updated list of the personal infomation managers.

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