AGREA: your parter for the field research!

AGREA is a Contract Research Organization in agriculture and is involved in services in phytoiatric, entomology and plant pathology, biological and integrated control.

It also provides services in urban entomology and pest control, entomology and pathology of ornamental plants, plant management of parks and gardens.

AGREA is also officially GLP and GEP authorized by the Ministry of Health and Agriculture to conduct field studies of efficacy, residue, side effects on beneficial organisms.

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agrea news

  • Brown marmored stink bug and biological insecticides


    Recentlly published experimental work og AGREA in the control of BMSB with organic insecticides

    New studies on the mitigation, drift, runoff


    New GLP certificate extension!!! New studies on mitigation, runoff...

  • Brown marmored stink bug: AGREA research projects


    AGREA research projects on BMSB (Halyomorpha halys)

    New GEP Decree for the G.E.P. AGREA (2016-2018)


    The MIPAAF Audit has gone! The GEP decree has arrived!

  • The new greenhouse and screenhouse at AGREA experimental farm


    We have finished the new greenhouse-laboaratory, a new investment wherein AGREA has always believed, which covers the needs of experimental trials in the semi-field or laboratory environment, connected with the screening o bioassay on specific targets or in the biological control agents (BCA).